Learning that works

From coaching or training for your team, to starting your own coaching journey, I’m glad you found me! Tell me what you need and I’ll recommend a great way to get results, supporting you every step of the way.

Support people and they flourish

I like to think of this as a cycle. When you invest in someone, the rewards are felt by their teams, their managers, their customers… even by their families. One ripple creates more.

They grow. You grow. Everyone grows.

Make your investment go further

I like to amplify the ripple effect too. When you work with me, I match your project with pro-bono work for my not-for-profit partners.

Let’s help you grow…

Plant the Seeds: Group coaching for individuals

Designed for ambitious humans who love to grow and learn in their careers, the Plant the Seeds coaching group lets you take your development into your own hands.

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Coaching and learning for organisations

Learning – actually learning, not just watching – new skills demands creativity, immersion, bravery – and a space to play. Everyone has that capacity – not necessarily that time. Let me make space for your team to nurture their growth. It’s always better together!

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